The Mansion: A Septuagenarian Thriller

Dinner turns into a nightmare when Hailey Madison narrowly escapes sexual assault at the hands of Rex Randall Ryder The Third and his sister, Melinda. Kidnappings, corruption and cartels, will Bob and Bebe uncover the secret of The Mansion before it is too late? Read the second novel in the Septuagenarian series here.

From the mountains of Northern California, to the shores of Maui, to the streets of Atlanta, will Bob stop this evil before he too is tortured and left to die? The Septuagenarian: An R-Rated Thriller is Bob Kaster’s first published novel.

If you like thrillers which include some violence, please buy my novel, The Septuagenarian – An R-Rated Thriller, available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

Click here to preview on Amazon.

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