Government Food Chain

Guest Opinion published March 3, 2017, Siskiyou Daily News

A best-selling political satirist couldn’t come up with a fictional story more bizarre than the current realities of government.  The California Attorney General wants more state money to carry on the state’s legal fight against Donald Trump, at the taxpayers’ expense.

The United States is geographically a large country made up of “Red States” and “Blue States.”  The Blue States are mostly coastal and urban.  The Red States are mostly inland and rural, and generally less affluent.  The Red States currently, maybe temporarily, have the advantage in two of the three branches of the federal government, and possibly the third as well.

California is geographically a large state made up of “Red Counties” and “Blue Counties.”  The Blue Counties are mostly coastal and urban.  The Red Counties are mostly inland and rural, and generally less affluent.

Some groups in California have mounted a marginally serious campaign for California to secede from the US.  Some counties in California have mounted a perhaps more serious campaign to secede from California and to create a new “State of Jefferson.”  Due to constitutional and statutory obstacles, these campaigns are largely symbolic, but significant nevertheless.  They make a statement.  Another obstacle to secession is the reality that the state and counties considering secession receive economic benefits from the larger governmental entities from which they want to secede.  Should the “State of Jefferson” counties spend money to sue the California Attorney General to prevent him from suing Donald Trump to prevent him from pursuing his policies that many “State of Jefferson” citizens may agree with?

I don’t want my tax dollars to go to suing government officials whose policies I may or may not agree with.  I don’t want the California Attorney General using my money to sue Donald Trump.  I would rather my money go to fixing the roads, and building and maintaining safe and efficient courthouses and other public infrastructures necessary to the citizenry.

But I live in a Red County that has no voice.  California’s Red Counties are at the bottom of the governmental food chain.

Bob Kaster

Yreka, California

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