Guest Opinion published June 13, 2017, Siskiyou Daily News

Our nation is at war with ourselves.  I can’t watch any nightly news any more without puking (I was going to say “getting nauseous” or something benign like that, but no one else is being euphemistic these days).  It doesn’t matter which network:  Fox; MSNBC; CNN; etc.; etc; etc.  Someone PLEASE let me know if you have discovered a news outlet that is actually unbiased and objective.

With few exceptions, our elected leaders, state and federal, are hell bent on only one thing: to prosecute, persecute, criticize, investigate, interrogate, defame, or otherwise trash members of the opposition party. 

We elected our leaders to serve the country, and us, the people.  We elected them to improve our education, jobs, infrastructure, environment, health coverage, national security, military, economy, and all those things; and of course that is what they all promised to do.

And they will.  Just as soon as they finish the necessary preliminaries.  The necessary preliminaries are to do the important stuff:  Select special prosecutors, hold congressional hearings, leak whatever top secret information that serves their personal agenda, Tweet, give press conferences, and on and on.  It is interesting how a congressional hearing can suddenly give national exposure to a Senator or Congressperson.  They can become recognizable celebrities worldwide.  Good for their electability. The problem is, the questions they ask are agenda driven.  Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt, they are not well thought out.  Every prosecuting attorney in our local DA’s office askes better questions in court than they do.  But our Congressional interrogators don’t care about that, or about integrity.  They care about the media exposure … and winning the next election.

These “preliminary” activities have the potential to go on forever.  What is terrifying is that maybe the only thing that will turn it around is a national disaster: a Pearl Harbor, or a 911.  Historically events like that have had some corrective impact on our governmental gridlock.

ISIS is ready to provide that.

Bob Kaster

Yreka, California

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