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After I published my second thriller, The Mansion, people I met when walking along Miner Street in my home town of Yreka, California started asking me, “When is your next novel coming out?” That question was almost always followed by, “What are you doing to rescue the Beautiful Black Lady?” The simple answers were, respectively, “Soon,” and “I’m doing the best I can.”

Well, at last, Angelica – Septuagenarian Thriller # 3, has published! Now you can follow the Septuagenarian, his wise and faithful dog Bebe, and the Beautiful Black Lady as they try to survive a cyclone of terror involving Indian casinos, illegal drugs, abusive government officials, and Formula 1 racing. From remote far northern California to the exotic racing world in Abu Dhabi this book is a fast-paced thriller you will want to experience. Click here to READ MORE

Click HERE for the the link to Amazon where you can buy a copy or download the Kindle version. Or buy it at Yreka bookstores.

My four published books so far:

The Septuagenarian – An R-Rated Thriller, my first novel published in August, 2019, is where we first meet Bob, the retired septuagenarian judge and Bebe, his Labrador Retriever. The Septuagenarian and Bebe take a routine day-hike in the rugged mountains of northern California and stumble upon a horrible crime in progress, the brutal torture of a naked young girl. As he tries to rescue her, he is shot by her torturer. READ MORE

The Mansion – A Septuagenarian Thriller, my second novel, follows the further adventures of the Septuagenarian, his friend Brenda LeHane (the Beautiful Black Lady), and his dog Bebe. Published in February 2021, the story tells of their struggle for survival against the unspeakable evils that lurk inside and under a mysterious mansion in the Scott Valley, a remote region of the mountains of northern California. READ MORE.

The Great Yreka Courthouse Gold Heist is a nonfiction documentary account of the 2012 theft of the gold display from the courthouse in my home town published in April, 2021. On the morning of February 1, 2012, before the general public began entering the Siskiyou County courthouse in Yreka, California, County Maintenance Supervisor Billy McCully and two others entered the building on their way to work. Once inside, they were shocked to discover that the gold display, located in the front entryway, had been severely compromised and that a significant portion of the contents was gone! READ MORE

All of my books are available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. Click here for the link to Amazon. My books are also available locally at Zephyr Books & Coffee and other Yreka locations where books are sold.

And, now, a plug for my son, also named Bob Kaster. On March 1, 2021, Bob and his partner Keith opened their new wine and tapas bar in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, El Viñedo Local, featuring wines and cuisine inspired by South America’s emerging wine culture and sumptuous culinary pairings. Check out their website at http://elvinedolocal.com.

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